Monday, October 20, 2008

Wedding Dress Shopping

My daughter Jackie is going to be married next October, 09. During her last year of college we did all the planning etc. This past weekend we went shopping for bridesmaids dress and a re-visit for wedding dresses. We actually bought the one you see below for a steal of a deal earlier this year with a promise of leaving the door open if another "affordable" one caught her eye. Here is just a sample of what we liked:

This is the one we actually bought previously, above and below:

This Champagne dress is her favorite and it is great with her red hair and skin color. We are praying the price goes lower then the $1,000.00 now $800.00 so pray with us the more people who pray the lower the price will go.......right? Doesn't she just look absolutely beautiful? My little girl is all grown up.

I do think her father is going to have a hard time giving his little girl away.

This is the last one she tried on that was in the running.

This is the front view of the Arden Hills Country Club where she will be married. It is a beautiful and very affordable place believe it or not.

This is the villa on the property were they will spend their wedding night

Stay tuned for wedding dress/wedding updates!! This is such an exciting time for us.


Janeen said...

I love the champagne colored dress too!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Why thank you, I think she is taking a poll, hahaha

Lavinia said...

Your daughter is gorgeous. You are right, that champagne dress is superb. Okay, I'll join the prayer tonight for a lower price. Yes! THat dress is a dream. Will you do me a little favour and add this little prayer for me to your prayers? Just pray this:

"Lord, please, if you will, make J move."

THanks so much!!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Absolutely, I am praying for you right now.

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

What an exciting time for both of you! Your daughter is beautiful, and no matter what dress she chooses she's going to be stunning. But my fav is the champagne colored one too. Fingers crossed for a price mark down!!

Sweet Repose said...

The champagne dress is simply the one, especially with her coloring, but the last one with the puckering in the front, is just magical, a true fairytale princess dress.

I have never been one for big fancy weddings, being married in a duck blind wearing camoflage, but I can understand the excitemnet in a young girls heart of that special day.

And why is it that a bride never wears her beautiful long locks down for the event, just something so romantic and appealing about long hair...which I have had all my life...59 years and counting.

She is a very beautiful young woman and I wish her luck and happiness.

Laura said...

Your daughter is gorgeous and the dresses are exquisite! I will join in your prayers for the sale!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog :)

Your daughter is beautiful (takes after her mom, I'm sure), and her dresses choices are fabulous!

Crossing all my fingers for you that the price will go down!

Lavinia said...

Thank you Melody! I hope our prayers last night and this morning...for a lower price worked....I will keep it up till that price comes down----answered prayers!

Ginger said...

Hi Melody:
Okay, I have to be
I like the one she actually purchased. It shows off her tiny waist and the train on the back is beautiful. I like the champayne color of the second one, but not the material as well. But one thing I do agree with everyone else on, is she will be beautiful in whatever she chooses.
What a gorgeous place to have the wedding and honeymoon!!!

Anonymous said...

Laura Nominated you and ...

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

Award Code

Your award will go live on October 21, 2008

Thank you,

Bill Austin

CIELO said...

My daughter and I just did that last week, we went to a bridal show, since she will be marrying next summer... wow, you and I share a lot of things in common! I just need to cut my hair short! :)



Tea Time With Melody said...

Cielo, Yes we do have lots in common. Oh, just go ahead and cut your hair. OMG I just love having it shorter. I have had long hair twice mind you and this time I am keeping it short. So liberating!

Diana said...

Love her choice about wedding dresses... She is looking beautiful!!

The Dutchess said...

Love the champagne dress...happy times to you ...

Always In Style said...

She absolutely gorgeous in both, however, I must agree - the champagne colored dress is stunning with her coloring.

Lovely hall as well - all the best!

Janeen said...

Wow sis, you got over 100 hits again today! You are becoming famous! Don't forget the little people when you get super famous and ridicuously rich who helped you start blog. I won't name them, but you know their initials... J-A-N-E-E-N!!

Linda said...

She looks beautiful in all the dresses! This brings back memories of wedding dress shopping with my daughters -- a very special time to remember!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

What a beautiful daughter you have and her hair is to die for ! I do believe that is her dress , it looks like it is made for her and goes beautifully with her hair ! Can you tell I am a retired hairdresser LOL.

The tea party was gorgeous too, wished I could have been there.

Thanks for the visit and do come again !

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Your daughter is georgous!! I can't wait to see pictures of the wedding!!!

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