Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baby things

Yesterday, hubby and I went to "BabiesRus" because I had decided to by Nick and Alicia the stroller they wanted on their registry. OMG, the thing looks like a MONSTER! I had never paid that much attention to strollers other than the fact that they now have CUP HOLDERS!!! Anyway, I am moving it and looking at it on the platform and I asked Gerry to take it down so I could actually "work" it. OMG the thing weights less than a pound! I could pick it up with one hand. First thing Gerry said was, "It has cup holders". I laughed, and then he goes on...."and the storage, it even has double wheels in the front and take a look at the car seat". I know, I told him, it just pisses you off doesn't! I look at him and say, "Makes you want another baby just to use all these fancy things huh?" hehehehe. I got the flat out "NO" . It was too funny.

So, because we brought the Mustang as we were already out and about, he had to go home and get a bigger car while I stayed and wrapped it at their "free" wrapping paper station. I should have taken a picture of THAT. It had to be done in layers and I used a-l-o-t of paper and tape. It would have cost me $10 to do it myself so why not use theirs!! I threw the 10 pages of registry in the garbage can as I was not going to spend anymore money.

So while I was waiting for him to come back, just standing there, I dug the registry back out of the garbage and secured my large package in a cart behind the counter and began to look at other things they had picked out. It was truly a weird feeling to see what tastes your kids have. I was impressed with the 3-in-one crib that turns into a bed and that it was natural wood color and the accompanying items like the changing table etc....Ours were solid hardwood that took a Mac truck to move but then our kids crib belonged to my husband so it went though many kids and relatives after us. Then I went to the high chair area and I was like whaaaat? The slide in table had two attachments for gosh sakes!! Unreal!

Now here is the High Chair. If you can see it, in the tray it has a pop in tray with a CUP HOLDER, (it's over to the left), what they don't show is ANOTHER tray that is clear plastic that fits over the entire tray. Absolutely crazy. What is wrong with just the one tray that everyone has used for centuries. Am I just old fashioned?

It was very weird to be in this store buying and looking for items for my future granddaughter. I can't explain it, it just brought it to a whole other dimension. Tell me too if you know, but it feels different in that it is my son and not my daughter and therefore I feel I am one step removed. I think if it was my daughter it would be a whole different experience. Maybe it's the mother-daughter bonding thing etc.. that you don't necessarily have with your son as men don't get pregnant. LOL

Only 7 weeks left!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone...:)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Log Cabins

I started out with a post on Sunday morning peacefulness as I sit on my back deck drinking my morning coffee and listening to the birds. Then my thoughts drifted to drinking coffee on the deck of a nice log cabin and THEN to fireplaces in the log cabins and before you know it I had completely scrapped my first post and replaced it with log cabins and fireplaces. lol I dream of log cabins. I should have moved out of California years ago and moved to the mountains of Montana or a lake somewhere in Wyoming.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a real old working dude ranch and learn how to cook REAL home cooked meals from scratch like they did back when. I know once I got there I would probably scream for the Microwave and a Mr. Coffee because they are FASTER but I would persevere, for a few days at least. haha

Sit back and enjoy my log cabins.........

This is my ultimate favorite....isn't it just gorgeous??

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