Saturday, January 31, 2009

Presents and Other Fine Things

Well I wish I had my camera on me today because my parents took my husband and I out to lunch at a local Tea house for my birthday. It was quite a surprise because my lovely sister Janeen had me thinking she was going to have a tea party at her house. I kept saying, can I invite this person or that person and she'd say, well, I think it would be ok. All the while my parents were going to be footing a bill that was meant for just 4 people. LOL.. Then to top it off, my sister got that nasty cold passed down from her little ones and she couldn't go. My husband thinking he was going to visit with my dad at Janeen's house decided to come at the last minute. I ended up not inviting more people and it was just four of us after all. HAHA. I wanted to share with you the gift I received. Now, for those who don't know me, I totally love the Anne of Green Gables series. My middle name is Anne...(with an "e" hehe) so we are kindred spirits. Anyway, I had this set in VHS but I lent it out to someone YEARS ago and I can't remember who and I never got them back! So I have been wanting the set on DVD for EVER but didn't want to spend the money and guess what!!!!! My parents and sister got it for me! Aren't they just fabulous?!
Second, I stopped over at my friend Laura's, Our Scented Cottage as she has a new on-line Victorian store where I bought myself these lovely, lovely tea light lamps. I put some battery operated flickering tea lights I found at a craft store in them and they are just wonderful. Please check out her blog for some fantastic Victorian lovelies. But be careful because this one purchase put me to redecorating my WHOLE HOUSE, I even put up some new curtains........
I used to have a bunch of Old West photos up here, the kind wear you dress up in costume, but when I got these tea lamps I redecorated and the best part was I already had everything stashed here and there and my wonderful sister who has that decorating eye helped me stage this Victorian look. What do you think?
Here is a close up of the night version, it is so beautiful at night, really.

Can you make out the white and pink? Looks like white clouds in a pink background.

The lovely beade work is pink, white and clear. I just love it.

Here is a better picture of them. My camera doesn't like to focus close up but if you could see it you'd see that the wooden stands have some very detailed carving on them.

These are my Other Fine Things. This is my English Tea Clock as I have named it. It works but I just don't have a battery in it. When I have a tea party I just set the time to what ever time my party starts. Lol

My flash got in the way but it says on the bottom of the clock "By Special Appointment to THE QUEEN" very fitting for my dining room wall. Actually, the Queen is a personal friend of mine and she thought I would like this clock so she gave it to me. I mean she has so many of them anyway what is one less......(and if you believe that....)

This picture was on my dining room wall but I moved it to above my fireplace. Boy, did it change the room. I have very high ceilings and the picture before was just too small. They are not English dogs but the picture reminds me of an English hunting setting.

Last but not least, this is a personal favorite. This is an actual photo of Princess Caroline of Monaco. I was doing a fund raiser years ago and I wrote to her for an autographed photo and she responded and I am happy to say I won the bid!!! Again, because of my flash it's hard to see but the photo came in a beautiful beige matting that she signed in calligraphy pen. Not a reproduction. It also came with a nice card that I keep behind the photo.

Thank you for sharing my presents and other fine things. Have a wonderful weekend!

OH, one last thing....many of you asked when my daughter Jackie is getting married. It will be this October. She has enjoyed reading all the comments on her dress so thank you for making her feel special.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I turn 46 years old and I thought I'd do something so spontaneous, so out of the realm of my norm, something so totally liberating. I went down and had a birthday cake made of my bust and torso. What do y'all think???

Yes, that's right ladies don't I rock? Ya, I thought so too. Actually the torso was me WAY back in my college days and the boobs are in my dreams. lol I says to my hubby, "hey come look at my birthday cake", and he comes over and says, "where did you get that" , I said, "google images, and I am going to post it on my blog!" he says, "Whaaaaaaat?" The look on his face was priceless, you had to be there. lol Ya just have to have a sense of humor I mean really...........So have a piece of cake and a cup of tea and celebrate with me!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So get this, last night my brother Don calls me and says, "When are you going to update your blog?!" Apparently, he keeps tabs on me. lol I have been so busy with work, life etc...that I have not had time to go my blog other than to comment on a few of my blogger friends. I told him that I'd do a birthday blog for us as his birthday is Monday the 26th and mine is the 28th. Pictures and all and he liked that. lol

SOOOO, today dahlings my blog is on a fantastic purse organizer called the VIP or Very Important Pouch made by Tintamar in France. I received one for Christmas from a faaaabulous co-worker who went to France this past December. Oh, I was sooo excited when I opened it. I am one of those persons who buys their purse to accommodate my husband. All I ever here is where are the keys or where is the flashlight. In my purse I say. Then from out of nowhere, PLOP on my lap goes my purse along with hubby saying, "I am NOT going to fish through your purse, YOU find it". LOL It doesn't work to buy a small purse with the mind set that you are only going to carry what you need BECAUSE... in NO TIME and I do mean NO TIME you are stating...I have to get a bigger purse, this is just NOT working!! And....I hate those purse that have that zipper or center divider that gives you two pouches. I want one open center. I want to see what I have all at once NOT shove one side over while half the small stuff on the bottom gets hidden in the fold. So here is my purse. A fake Coach, I don't believe in spending hundreds of dollars on a name when it is going to wear out just as fast as a fake.......

This is one side of the VIP, the zipper holds my change, it has a pocket just above that and one on the side.

This is the other side with 4 pockets.
This is the inside
These are the items that I put in my pouch, pepper spray, glasses in case, pens, make-up pouch, cell phone, money and pads of paper.
Look at this lovely tea pot charm my daughters future MIL made for my cell phone. Isn't it just the cutest thing you ever saw?
The next few pictures show all that stuff put in this fabulous pouch.
Here are the other items in my purse. Wallet, brush, motorcycle wallet (cause I never know when I am going to go two wheeling), flashlight with compass, compact scissors, pocket knife and lovely Lavender soap sheets. I know, you are asking, pocket knife AND pepper spray? Well I work in Oakland, CA (20yrs now) and it is just not a safe place. One must be prepared!
Here is a close up of those Lavender soap sheets I got from The Victorian Trading Co. I haven't used them yet but I am sure they are lovely.
and last but not least....all that stuff in my purse, all organized.
I am telling you, this is THEEE best invention. My purse is so organized know and even my husband will get what he needs because he can see it at a glance. You know, that could be a bad thing, I am going to have to rethink that. LOL I know you can take it from purse to purse but they come in so many different colors that I want to get more but you can only buy them online in french stores. They cost about $35.00 and if you add international shipping on top of that anyone going to France anytime soon?????

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hello everybody. We got the dress!!!!!!!:):):):) If you will remember, last October my daughter Jackie and I went looking at wedding dresses. We had already bought one at a ridiculously low price at David's Bridal, but then she had really fell in love with this Oleg Cassini dress that was out of our price range. I asked all of my blogger friends to pray for a miracle and we hoped it would go on sale but it didn't. Sooooo, I thought I'd check ebay on Saturday morning while all were a sleep and what do I find???? THEEEE Dress!. But, there is more. Includes Champagne Gown with Chapel Train, Slip, Shoes, Blusher, Tiera, Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings (never worn), purse (never used), and garters (never used still in package). We got this incredible deal for what you ask??? The low price of $550.00. My daughter and I were on the phone with each other watching the count down while my dear husband was pressing the refresh button to where I thought it was going to break. lol You should have heard us or rather me, yelling WE WON, WE WON! I LOVE a deal and I LOVE that no one else outbid me.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Everything Tea

First, I'd like to start off with a prize I won from The Vintage Rose! I was the lucky Runner Up to her China Giveaway! I was so excited to win you just have no idea. Really, you don't. LOL I received this lovely tin of Madura Tea, three heart boxes, a very cute Koala Bear, a handmade ornament and a few selected individual teas. Thank you The Vintage Rose. :)

I figured since my blog is "Tea Time With Melody" I'd better get back to Tea. So this is the plaque that is on my tea box. My tea box holds all my favorite teas. This box is very elegant looking and comes in handy when I have my tea parties. I just love tea. Sometimes I just like to sit back with a cup and some cookies or anything tea worthy and pretend I am in England. Somewhere. Anywhere. Does anyone want to invite me for tea over there??? Pleeeeeeease? (Invitation must include a plane ticket....)

I am not a camera expert so some of my photos are a bit blurry. I originally bought two generic tea cup and saucers in a tea store and then went home and scoured the Internet to find the name of the pattern. My tea set is Lady Carlyle. I was very, very, very lucky a few years ago to come across a steal and I do mean a steal of a deal on eBay. I have a complete set for 10 including a variety of glassware. This here is my Tea pot and yes that is right two creamers and sugars. I just need one more teapot to complete this set.

Here are two of the four types of matching glasses that came with my set. They have a beautiful gold rim.
Here are the other two, water goblet and wine glass.
Here is my dinner, salad and bread plate. What would you do if you sat down at a table with all these beverage glasses! lol

When I was newly married everyone had china but I didn't want it because it was only used for the holidays or special occasions. I thought why bother. I still felt that way until I got the Tea Party bug. Even though I could NEVER get my husband or male relatives to sit and eat from these pink china plates my comfort comes from knowing my girly girl friends will! :) So ladys, set your table and invite a few girlfriends over for tea and cakes and enjoy some good times and conversation.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blessings and Awards

A few days ago I published a post on something I was struggling with and quite frankly I was blown away by all the wonderful heart felt comments I received. I thought I'd get a few here and there but I never DREAMED I'd get so many. A few of them were from new blogger friends that stopped by, thank you for visiting! Funny husband and I decided to take a much needed few days off over this New Years Holiday and I had just gotten a new cell phone with Internet access shortly before. During our trip with friends up in Clearlake, I checked my email about 4 times each day and I got to read new comments. Thinking, I like this this is great! It was so great in fact that my battery went dead. lol My husband would ask me, "Whatcha doing?" and I'd say, "getting advice". I just want everyone who was kind enough to leave a comment, my husband and I greatly appreciated them all. I had initially struggled with putting this subject out there on "blogger land" but I am so glad I did, it has given me such insight, who knew!

Now for some Awards. My friend Laura over at Our Scented Cottage has blessed with the "Reward of Merit"
These Reward of Merit cards in summary were handed out to students of the Victorian era for achievement and performance at school. They were so coveted, they were even pasted in Victorian scrapbooks. So cherished were these cards, they were saved for over 100 years! Laura thought it was time to bring back this tradition in relation to blogging! I thank you Laura for choosing me as a recipient! Please stop by and visit her log and her new on-line store. This lady's blog is full of recipes for everyday things from cleaners to her latest, lip balm!

My second award is from my sister Janeen, from ChaChaneen.

Thank you Janeen for this great award. I have only been blogging since October so it is an honor to be included in the Best Blog of 2008! If you have not visited my sisters blog, please do so you will enjoy her whit and humor along with her funny stories about her kids. I am supposed to pass this onto 15 people and that is alot! But I can't truly pick just 15 because there are so many that I feel that this award should go to. So, for those blogger friends of mine that would like to have this award, please feel free to accept this gift from me to you. :)

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