Saturday, January 3, 2009

Everything Tea

First, I'd like to start off with a prize I won from The Vintage Rose! I was the lucky Runner Up to her China Giveaway! I was so excited to win you just have no idea. Really, you don't. LOL I received this lovely tin of Madura Tea, three heart boxes, a very cute Koala Bear, a handmade ornament and a few selected individual teas. Thank you The Vintage Rose. :)

I figured since my blog is "Tea Time With Melody" I'd better get back to Tea. So this is the plaque that is on my tea box. My tea box holds all my favorite teas. This box is very elegant looking and comes in handy when I have my tea parties. I just love tea. Sometimes I just like to sit back with a cup and some cookies or anything tea worthy and pretend I am in England. Somewhere. Anywhere. Does anyone want to invite me for tea over there??? Pleeeeeeease? (Invitation must include a plane ticket....)

I am not a camera expert so some of my photos are a bit blurry. I originally bought two generic tea cup and saucers in a tea store and then went home and scoured the Internet to find the name of the pattern. My tea set is Lady Carlyle. I was very, very, very lucky a few years ago to come across a steal and I do mean a steal of a deal on eBay. I have a complete set for 10 including a variety of glassware. This here is my Tea pot and yes that is right two creamers and sugars. I just need one more teapot to complete this set.

Here are two of the four types of matching glasses that came with my set. They have a beautiful gold rim.
Here are the other two, water goblet and wine glass.
Here is my dinner, salad and bread plate. What would you do if you sat down at a table with all these beverage glasses! lol

When I was newly married everyone had china but I didn't want it because it was only used for the holidays or special occasions. I thought why bother. I still felt that way until I got the Tea Party bug. Even though I could NEVER get my husband or male relatives to sit and eat from these pink china plates my comfort comes from knowing my girly girl friends will! :) So ladys, set your table and invite a few girlfriends over for tea and cakes and enjoy some good times and conversation.


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Thank You So Much For Your Lovely Comment!
I`m glad you came to visit me, as it brought me back to you!!!
Wow! Wow! Wow!
You have the most wonderful Teas set, that I have ever seen!
I wish you good luck on finding the teapot!!!
But somehow... With your good eye for Treasure hunting... I don`t think that you will have a problem finding it at all!
I`m off now to read more of your lovely posts!
Back in a minute!
Debbie Moss


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

CONGRATULATIONS on all your wonderful awards!
You are a very special lady and it shows!
Also thanks for sharing the images of the dogs... my kiddies sure enjoyed them... and me too!
I`m also a big kiddie at H.E.A.R.T!
Love your "new hair cut" and your daughter looks like cinderella dressed in the wedding dress!
Of now,
Hope to speak to you soon,
Debbie Moss


The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Oh your tea set is stunning! And the matching china and glasses makes it more special! I love a great deal too and I'm sure if you are like me, that makes your set even more exciting to you! LOL!

GrandmaK said...

I truly love tea. I even got tea and teapot for birthday/Christmas. Exquisite green tea/jasmine "balls" that bloom into lovely flowers when dropped into hot water. I always enjoy "tea time" here though it's IN from where I visit. Have a grand day and congratulations!! Cathy

Ginger said...

Your tea set is gorgeous. I could eat off of that china with no problem. I think you need to have a tea party and invite us all. lol

Anonymous said...

I love your elegant tea box! I have about 400 tea bags in my cupboard right now (includes about 10 varieties of tea), and they're spread out all over...not prettily encased, like yours is.

And what a fabulous tea set find!!

I'd invite you over for tea any day, but I'm afraid I couldn't include a plane ticket right now. ;}

Sparky ♥ ∞ and Wiregrass Steve said...

Congrats Melody! It's too lovely for words! I'm so happy for you. Your photos look fine. :o)
Wouldn't you just love to collect tea and coffee cups? I would. Need more shelves though. That what Steve needs, is another project (not!). ha ha
Sparky ♥ ∞

Linda said...

I really like the personalized name plate on your tea chest. The china is beautiful and perfect for a tea party with the girls!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...


Omg, Melody! that tea set is to die for!! how scrumptious and sooooooo pretty! How about a plane ticket, but you have to donate me your tea set ?? :) love it!

and Congrats on your win!!

Wishing you a fabulous 2009 sweetie!!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments too! Hugs, Cynthia

Jan and Tom's Rose Haven said...

Oh, how I love Lady's sooo pretty.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Fern said...

Your tea set is absolutely beautiful, you have been very clever to find it, is it Royal Doulton?
If you make it to the UK, I would love to take you for afternoon tea in the Lake District. There are a lot of hotels, who serve sumptious afternoon tea, often served over looking one of the lakes. There is quite a lot of rivalry between the hotels to serve the best afternoon tea, so you could do a survey and try them all! If I win the lottery, I'll sent the ticket!!

Steph said...

Oh my goodness. Your tea set is SO lovely!

Paris Atelier said...

Congrats on your win! How fun! I LOVE those glasses, so very Marie~Antoinette! They are beautiful as are your posts. It's refereshing and comforting to come read your posts! Thank you!~

Tea Time With Melody said...

Fern, yes it is Royal Doulton. There is the Pink one like mine and I have seen a green one. The green one can be seen in pictures at Buckingham Palace. Can you believe it! The Royals and I having the same taste. Who knew?

Bibi said...

Beautiful set and photos. I too use a silver coffee set my grandmother gave us when we were married. No sense of its just sitting there.

Meadowsweet Days said...

Your tea set is just beautiful, Melody! My Mom is from Ireland also with relatives from England and when she would go and visit every year, she would bring me home a bone china cup and saucer, and sometimes a tea pot! I just love it all. And, doesn't tea taste so much better coming from a lovely pot and cup?


Michelle said...

Melody, congrats on winning the giveaway! I absolutely love your tea set. It's so feminine and romantic. My sister is coming to visit with my niece in a couple of weeks so it gives me the excuse to getaway to my favorite tea house! Yippee!!


CIELO said...

Ahhhh, just gorgeous...!


Laura said...

OH, these little tea lamps you purchased from me are going to be PERFECT with your teaset!! They will be out in tomorrow's post so watch for them!!

Lady Katherine said...

I love all the tea in the case! I love to have one! Your china is so lovely!!! I just love the tea set!

Lavinia said...

How lovely. Everything! Congratulations on your runner up prize, you did very well on that one. I'd love to invite you for tea but your tea set is prettier than mine so let's just do it at your place instead, with all that gorgeous pink china. Exquisite!

The Vintage Rose said...

So glad your prize arrived safely! Nice to see the gorgeous Lady Carlyle again! I'm so glad you get to have 'girly' teas. I must have one again soon with my pink roses eclectic set. I've been drinking Madura Earl Grey from tea leaves in the pot lately as we couldn't get teabags last time we purchased tea. Of course in the middle of the day it's been iced tea or gatarade as it's been SO hot...

The Vintage Rose said...

PS oe day I'd like to have one of those divided tea chest boxes too. I like the label on yours!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Just stopping in again to THANK YOU for your sweet comments !! and that was too cute about the "little gremlins" lol, I have big gremlins, lol, so they know not to play with Mommy's new blackboard :) But trust me, they have teased me that when I go out, they are going to write what they want on it! :)

Have a great weekend Melody! I so love that Tea box, Its gorgeous!!

Valerie said...

I love the tea set! So pretty and girly. Congrats on winning your prize it was right up your alley. Hope you have a great weekend!

the voice of melody said...

Your tea set is so beautiful! Every piece is almost a work of art. Enjoy it! :)

Janeen said...

Wow, look at all these comments! You've got your own fan club! I love the music today~ sigh... Are the scones ready yet?

Charm and Grace said...

What lovely, lovely things... such delicate china and teaware. And that box of teas, how I'd love to sit down over a cuppa with you ...from that lovely teaset. Those silly boys don't know what they're missing! Thank you for your sweet comments about my drawing.


Rosie said...

I too love tea but I don't have such a lovely tea service as yours - even though I now live in the Potteries (Stoke-on-Trent) - where your service was probably made:) Like Fern if I ever win the lottery I would be pleased to invite you for tea and show you where your service was made:)

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