Saturday, March 28, 2009

I look like a WHAT??

OK, so I went to RiteAid this afternoon and was in the make-up department looking for some deals. Their layout is kinda strange so I am zigzagging through the isles very slowly and the young man (about 17) at the register at the other end of the store keeps staring at me like I am going to steal something. I mean really, me? Give me a break.

So, now I am getting and paranoid and I just get my lipstick and foundation and want to get the heck out of there. I wait my turn at the register, did I mention that he is the only register open? Just my luck. Anyway....there are at least two men behind me buying beer and as I put my items on the counter he says.."This is so funny, you were over in the make up and I was looking at you and you weren't moving, your hair was perfect and you looked just like one of those mannequins at Macy's." Well, THAT was not what I expected to hear. I said, "What? you think I look like a mannequin?" Yes" he says, and I said, "You think I look like one of those wooden mannequins?" He said, " Well, some of those are HOT!, this is a complement to you." Well I just started laughing and I couldn't even bring myself to look at the guys behind me for fear they were already on the floor laughing. I thanked the young man and promply left.

Then I got in the car and I was contemplating...mannequins have flawless skin, great bodies, never get fat and can were ANYTHING and I was starting to feel pretty good by this time... LOL When I got home I told my hubby and he laughed with me.

Later, my hubby and I are on separate couches and I am on the computer and he is drinking a beer and I catch him looking at me. I asked him what he was looking at and he said, "I am looking at my mannequin" ! Then he came over and kissed me. AWWWWWW

The bad thing everytime I go into a store that has mannequins I am going to remember this incident....LOL
This is the real me.

Here are some of my alter egos....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Breakfast At Tiffany's

Hello Dahlings.......I thought I'd stop by Melody's place for a tea in my honor. Please join me won't you?
Don't you just love the cigarette holder? I had to bum a cigarette form a coworker lol
Pink champagne is a must for this classy afternoon...

I know, beautiful isn't it ...

I borrowed these great diamond ring napkin holders from my sis.

I was giving Janeen a sneek peak of my deserts in the fridge and she thought "photo op"

My favorite chocolate and coconut cookies..
My to die for chicken salad sandwiches...
Here is my dessert....
here is my dessert after Janeen got a hold of it. lol She should do photo staging...

These two lovely ladies are Alicia (little mama) and her mom Carolyn..
Janeen and our mother...

My good friend Jenifer and I
These two ladies seem to be playing with my jewelry I had adorned the table with....
are they wearing it?????Nooooo no so....
If they look any closer will they notice it's Avon? lol
Alicia won the first door prize...
Janeen won the second....

Last but not least my GREAT, GREAT Tiffany bags that I made all by my creative self, I am so proud I am..... each guest at my tea receives a little something for coming....(minus the champagne, that is MINE)
Inside I put a little purse size manicure set, a note tablet and a satin sachet of chocolate kisses.
In our small circle of friends who started this tea circle, we each give the hostest a gift. Look at all the fantastic things I got!!!!!

NOW....for those of you who don't know, I am going to be a grandmother in August. These next few pictures show my reaction......
WHAAAAAAT, I am going to be a WHAAAAAAT????

It's a girl?

I had no idea what prompted those funny faces of mine but I thought I'd have some fun with it and Alicia....
Now dahlings, the time is here where I had to just shove everyone out the door. The task at hand was so large.....
I just had to finish all the champagne before I did the dishes....
I really don't want to do the dishes.... I wish I had a maid....
Good night dahlings and thank you for coming. **UPDATE** There are more pics I couldn't load so hop on over to my sister Janeens blog at chachaneen to see even more! OH, OH and you can't see it because it is laying flat amonst my gifts but Janeen gave me a DVD of Sean Connery in "The Great Train Robbery" after my bit with him in our Oriental Express Train Adventure. What a Sister I have!! :) We had a great time.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Celebrity Look-alikes

What the heck?!! So I go to my sister Janeen blog and see this great post on Celebrity Look-alikes. She has some great photos. So I think, what the hell, I'm game, I'll try it. What do I get. MEN. Something is seriously WRONG here. Must be the whiskers on the corner of the post that sent me over to the other side........God, this is giving me a complex. I am going to do this again with a different photo.......

Now THIS is more like it. But what is with the putting this Jay Adams dude in there. I do NOT look like him. Or Christian Slater for that matter. Do I? No don't answer that. I am too insecure to handle the truth. Oh do I need a drink, anything I don't care.

Go ahead and try this out. I forgot to connect the link so go to chachaneen and get it there.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Postal Sort Of...

This time, the phrase "Gone Postal" doesn't apply to a postal employee....... on Saturday, March 7th.....

The caption under this picture in the Contra Costa Times read:

"In front of Ed's Mudville Grill, Concord police officer Don Lawson puts a man believed to be a stabbing suspect back into a Clayton police car following a morning stabbing at the nearby post office in Clayton, Calif., on Saturday March 7, 2009. Witnesses in the area said the man with blood on his hands fled the post office and was captured by citizens, postal workers and off duty law enforcement officers dining at the restaurant."

The officer in this photo is my older brother. My brother has been with the Concord Police Department for almost 30 years. This is just one of the many times he has been in the paper.
Police haven't investigated a killing since June 1995 in Clayton, a bedroom community of fewer than 11,000 residents. This is a very small, quaint town. When I saw the buildings surrounding this post office it looks to be right next to my insurance agent! According to the paper this man The male suspect, Shannon Bradley Moore, 37, of Concord, walked into the post office and stabbed a 73 year old man who innocently went in to pick up his mail. There was no known connection between the two men. Then the suspect walked out of the post office and ran down the street into a restaurant where he was subdued by patrons until the police got there.
I have been on occasion known to ride along with my brother while he is working and I must say, some times not much goes on and some times it is quite exciting.
Times are getting hard people and I fear that more of this kind of violence is to come in one form or another. A down economy always brings out frustration, not to say that this is the case here but we all must keep any eye on our surroundings. When ever I go anywhere, I am always looking over my shoulder aware because you just never know.
**UPDATE** I am sorry I didn't mention that this was a fatal stabbing. The victim died at the scene of his wounds.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Adventure on the Orient Express!

After emerging from my secret garden, I was greeted with a post from my dear friend Muse Swings. She invited me on an adventure.....adventure on the Orient Express luxury train. She said all of our friends will be there. Oh how exciting! I simply must buy some new clothes!. The latest fashions no less.

I went shopping and bought all the latest, oh such fun it was.

Then, I secured my passage,

Packed my trunks, I know, I know, but I told you, I bought alot of clothes!

After meeting all the ladies at the train station, we were shown our rooms, OH MY GOSH, this room is beautiful, this simply can't be the room I booked. The steward assured me it was......hummmm, I'll deal with it later....

After setting things to right in my room, I decided to meet the ladies for some refreshments in the dining room. But no one had arrived yet so I slipped out and thought I'd go to the Card room for a minute, see what's happening.

Oh, my... I saw the most dashingly handsome man EVER! I heard someone call his name. I think it was.....James and oh the look he gave me. It was like he could see right through me. I flushed and quickly rejoined the ladies.

I just had to show you the gorgeous view of Prague from the train. After the ladies and I had lunch we had decided to take a stroll to see and be seen. We so enjoyed looking out over Prague. We quickly decided to go to our rooms and freshen up to meet up later for dinner.

As I entered my room I saw something sparkle from the corner of my eye. I turned and my dressing table was covered in JEWELS! THE most gorgeous jewels I have ever seen. I quickly turned and looked about but no one was there. I looked again at the jewels and I noticed a note tucked underneath the most gorgeous diamond necklace I ever saw.

It said, "This necklace does not compare to your beauty, but I would be most pleased if you would adorn it and meet me for dinner at 8:00pm, signed "J"" OMGosh! What is going on here. I rang the Steward and he had no idea how these got here. I could have sworn I saw him smile as he turned to leave.

I tried to locate my friends but they were not in their rooms, hump, where would they go and not invite me! I simply HAD to tell someone. After searching for a bit with no luck, I mean the train is NOT THAT BIG I decided to give up. I went back to my room and just stared and fingered the jewels, ok, so I tried them on too. I sat down in my chair and read over the note again. 8pm was less then an hour away. I decided I would take this adventure, since this trip WAS supposed to be an adventure.

I went to the dining car and was lead to a table for two.

I sat with my back to the wall so I could see anyone who entered the room. I was then presented with my dinner, ordered for me no less,

The waiter poured me a glass of champagne

I looked over to the next table, were they talking about me? Is this some kind of conspiracy? WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS?!!!

The mysterious "J" sent a note via the waiter that he was very sorry, something came up and he could not make it. He hoped I enjoyed the dinner and champagne and the waiter said as he turned to leave, "The gentleman said you looked ravishing in that necklace". WHAT! he has seen me? I said to myself.

As I stepped inside my door, I found an envelope. I opened it and there was a picture with a note. "If you need anything, these people are your private servants"

OMYGOSH, this was just too much. I layed down on my bed for a bit of a rest.

Knock, Knock. I was aroused by knocking at my door. I groggily got up and opened my door and there was Janeen standing there. "Ready for dinner?" she said. I said, "Dinner? I already had dinner, come in, look at......" I quickly looked around, where were the jewels? That's ok, there's the card, where was the envelope with the card! arrrg, where was the picture showing the servants! Gone, all of it. Janeen says impatiently, "What's wrong with you, didn't you get my note that dinner is at 8:00pm? Hurry up, it's almost time to go and we must meet the ladies for dinner."

That was when it hit me. I was DREAMING!!!! I had laid down for a bit of a nap after lunch and Oh my, what a trip this is going to be.....

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