Friday, August 21, 2009

Glimpses of my busy life

Hello friends. I have been quite busy these days and I would like to ask forgiveness from all that I am behind on visiting your interesting posts. I plan to get to that this weekend. I thought I would put together a small collage of sorts of the happenings of my life these days.

First, meet Harley, the wiener dog puppy. First let me mention that we already have a dog, Buster and a cat, Tigger. This is very important to the story. So, I am with our daughter Jackie last Saturday up in Elk Grove and she decides to check her emails on her iPhone. What does she get from Dad?? A "Meet Harley" photo. Now, I don't know how to make a long story short on this one so bare with me. My husband works on Saturday mornings at a small scale Mexican flea market as an Armed Patrol Guard. EVERY stinking Saturday he manages to bring something home. I told him he was not allowed to work this detail any more. He didn't listen. Anyway, I told her to reply "Harley better be visiting". Now, the reason I say this is because just the DAY BEFORE we had this long conversation about NOT bringing any more animals into the house. We would NOT replace our animals after they died etc...we are tired of dog and cat hair etc. Our animals are self sufficient, and can take care of themselves. Life is good right? WRONG. He tells our daughter that it is a gift for me and if I don't want it our son Nick will take it. So, what did I do? I got pissed, really, really pissed. I called Nick and told him he could have the dog as we don't need another animal. Life was good again.....

Until Sunday...., hubby and I go to visit the baby and since Nick was "dog" sitting too, Harley. Nick lives with Alicia and her mother. First thing her mother said to me was, "you ARE taking the dog back home with you right?" Sure thing I told her, arrrrrrrrgh. Not a problem, totally understand your not wanting TWO dogs. All this with a big bright smile on my face.

So I told Gerry that this would be a trial and that it was HIS dog and HE had to do EVERYTHING since he did not discuss this with me first. People don't bring animals into the home without talking about it first. I had explicitly said the day before that I did not want another animal . So for the week he has been cleaning up, feeding, you name it he does it and I only play with her. Forgive me if it sounds mean but puppies are like babies and they need lots of attention and care and he just thinks she is so cute. Well cute grows up and gets bigger! Like the chickens, ducks, mice and other things he has brought home for the kids because they were so small and cute. Jury is still out as to if we keep her or not.

This is baby Audrina, 1.5 weeks old, isn't she beautiful? She is wearing Jackie's favorite colors and sleeping on a quilt that Auntie Jackie made!

Nick and I having a "moment"

Nick giving Audrina her first bottle. Hal mark moment.

Jackie and her fiance Brian captured in a relaxing moment. The wedding is two months away! And, Jackie got word today she is going to Guam in September for a week for her job. What a lucky dog she is.

Nick, Alicia and their daughter Audrina. First family photo.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my busy life. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Baby is Born!

Today at 7:30am we welcomed our new granddaughter Audrina Faith into the world. She was due this Saturday but she couldn't wait that long she wanted to join the family early. She weighed 6lb 13oz, 19 in long and has brown hair. Her mother Alicia was such a trooper. We made two trips to the hospital yesterday, 7am and 4pm dilated to 2cm before we came back at 10pm for good. Some of you may not know this but we have a pizza parlor in Antioch called Skipolinis Pizza. They have a "Prego" pizza and if you eat this pizza you may go into labor within 24 hours. It is very famous for this and even the nurses and doctors say to stop by there for dinner, lol. Well, we all went there yesterday at 6pm and she had 2-3 pieces and was admitted at 10pm and by 1am she was 5cm. This girl pushed this baby out in 20 minutes flat! and the rest is history.

I am soooooooooo tired. I am not used to being up for more than 24 hours so now I am going to sleep.

Please look at our beautiful granddaughter just moments old, they are not in any particular order.

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