Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, I go to Target to pick up a few gifts and while I am there I thought I would check out what they carried, if any, to "plump up" my aging lips. My lips are beginning...okay, they have been for quite some time.....oh alright, years if you want to get specific, starting to thin out and with that comes lines here and there and everywhere.

As I stroll down the various isles, I can hear a lady asking a customer, "can I help you find something?" Well, I take a wide detour as I don't want to ask anyone where the stuff is. Call me vain, but it's not like asking for a brand of lip stick or foundation etc. Who wants to call attention to their defects! So I am pushing my cart REAL slow and as I round the corner out pops the sales lady, scares the crap out of me.... she must be in her mid 60's. "Can I help you find something?" Shit, I say to myself, "ahhh, my DAUGHTER is looking for a lip plumper and she says they carry it here at Target so I am trying to find it. I have NO CLUE what I am looking for." "Oh", she says, "we have this kind here (some unknown brand) and down this isle here we have, Sexy Motherpucker." I thrust my head back, what the hell did she just say, did she say Sexy Mother*ucker! I said to myself. Then I look up at the package and was shocked out of my zone. I knew y'all wouldn't believe me so I included the package here......"This one is a few dollars more at $10. " the sales lady said, and I am like, "well, I don't know which one she wants so I will just have to call her. Thanks for your help". I was so entranced by this package that I stood there with both packages in my hands and I kept gravitating towards the Sexy one. I even got out my cell phone and made the fake call to my, the woman wouldn't go AWAY! Well ladies, there was really no choice, I had to get the Sexy Motherpucker lip plumper, I mean I am 46 yeas old and it says it's Crucial for Sexual Attraction!

I know, you want to know if it works? YES it does! I put it on at work and I it was SO tingly I thought my lips were popping out of their skin. I must have looked at my compact mirror a dozen times. lol It is a very thick gloss. So ladies, if you are looking for a bit of plump in your pucker, hahahaha ya only need to try this.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angels in Waiting

The song you are listening too is Angels in Waiting from Tammy Cochran. She is one of my favorite country singers. Her life story is one of tragedy. She lost both of her older brothers to Cystic Fibrosis. This song is a tribute to them. Please read below a short bio on her from wikipedia.....

Tammy Cochran was a Country singer born and raised in a small rural town called Austinburg, Ohio, which according to Tammy was a perfect place to write a country song. There was also enough tragedy in Cochran's life to write a country song.

She was born in 1972 to Mabel and Delmar Cochran and was the third of three children. Tammy's two older brothers, Shawn and Alan were both born with the disease Cystic Fibrosis. Shawn died from the disease in 1980, at 14 and Alan died in 1991 at age 24. She soon became accustomed to listening to and singing the songs of Loretta Lynn and Barbara Mandrell. Encouraged and inspired by her brothers, Tammy realized that she preferred singing in front of an audience. For the next few years, Tammy sang at her family's local church, and then she entered a talent show contest and won. The next step for Tammy was to join a band. She joined a couple before making her own band called "TC Country" that played at fairs and weddings.
Hope you enjoyed this song as much as I did.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


My friend Valerie over at It's a Wonderful Life bestowed upon me this great award. Thank you Valerie for thinking I am "Kreativ".. Please visit Valeries blog because you will love it! I always race over to see what is happening. :)

I am supposed to pick 7 things that I love and actually my friend Lee Laurie at A Southern Rose a month or so ago tagged me to list I think 10 things I love and I had not gotten to that so I am doing a two for one here so to speak. It was funny because Lee Laurie's 10 things were mine too so here I go maybe I can come up with some new ones. lol

1. I love being the first to wake up early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and my computer, enjoying the quite solitude.

2. I love cuddling with my cat Tigger even knowing she loves my husband more than me. I talk to her and she just looks at me, he talks to her and it's bla bla bla.

3. I love rainy days curled up on a sofa with a good romance novel and a cup of hot tea.


5. I love to go motorcycle riding, or more accurately being the passenger on a motorcycle.

6. I love Costco's Polish Dog and Soda for a mere $1.50!!!!! Such a great deal.

7. I love log cabins in the mountains, would love to own one, would love for someone to invite me to stay in one....hehe

8. I love the Anne of Green Gables Series

9. I love my children.

10. I love my husband

I am supposed to pass this on but I am going to reserve that for a future date as my life is very busy right now....just trying to get on the computer is a task in itself.
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