Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sick Day Traveling

Ok, so I have this nasty cold and nothing good is on TV so I decided to surf the internet for places I'd like to go. Since I don't have a passport and therefore can't travel abroad as of yet, I decided to do some -window shop traveling- so to speak. England is my first stop, I typed in Hyde Park and what pops up? This absolutely gorgeous 5 star hotel. The Mandarin Oriental. I am afraid to check out the cost so I will just pretend that it is within my peanut shell budget and that I arrive in a Bentley, (rented but no one need know). I won't be able to afford breakfast at this hotel so I have prepared and brought Pop-Tarts from America.

After breakfast, I hired a carriage for a ride in Hyde Park and stopped to see the Albert Memorial. Fabulous structure.

Because I was always fascinated with Princess Diana, I just had to stop by Kensington Palace. Look, the gates were open, they must have anticipated my arrival, how kind.... although that is not the receiption I received when I strolled through the gates like I lived there.

Then off to St. Pauls Cathedral..

By this time I was pretty much famished as I had to walk everywhere. The American dollar is tanked right now so it doesn't get me much abroad. Now it was time to find a nice place for High Tea English style. Before I left, I searched through my book "The Great T ea Rooms of Britian" and I had chose The Waldorf Palm Court. Had to hitch a ride.

OK, the food was famous, I decided to stay and have tea until they kicked me out. Which I think was pretty much after the fifth pot of tea. I guess they didn't like my English accent. Can I help it if I kept slipping in there the famous "flat" American tone? I mean really. I was just trying to savor the moment, make a memory you know? I wonder how many times they say, "those damn Americans" haha

Well Big Ben said it was time to go home.
I wish I could have visited longer, maybe on my next visit, ya, when the american dollar gets me dollar for dollar or double or triple my value, right. hahahahaha. THANK GOD for the internet, as window shop traveling is free! Hope you enjoyed my travels. :)


Lavinia said...

Hi MElody, I came over from your sister's blog. Wow, London've gone straight to the big time here on your blog, this day trip to London was fabulous. We saw all my favourite things!!

Great pics and narrative...

Janeen said...

Funny tale my dear! ha ha I love that hotel as well, WOW! I see that Lavinia stopped by, check out her blog, she is a doll! You'll enjoy her!

Melanie said...

Thanks for the note on my blog!

You have good taste - I've heard the Waldorf is the best for tea in London!

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