Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Lunch Hour Views

Each day I have lunch with my wonderful husband as we work only a few blocks from each other. We try to find different spots to spend our one hour of mid day down time. Our favorite spot is down at the Emeryville Cove. Take a look and enjoy!

Yes, that is San Francisco, through there, seems far away but it's not.
You can't see him but my husband IS in the car, really....

A nice grassy area where you can picnic your lunch if you'd like. Or after lunch you can take a walk around the Cove via these walking paths.

On the left is the Bank of America building with the square top and on the right is the TransAmerica building with the pointed top. 22 years ago I work on the 25th floor of the 50 floors of the Bank of America building and if you stood real still you could feel the building sway. Freaked me out! The island infront of the city is called Treasure Island, yes, that's right we have our very own Treasure Island.

A little of that famous San Francisco fog coming in but you can see the Golden Gate Bridge and the famous Alcatraz prison in front. Below is the peaceful Emery Cove Yacht Harbor.

So, ask yourself if you could eat your lunch each day looking out at these images would YOU want to go back to work? Na, I didn't think so. Well, neither do we. :) It feels like Saturday everyday here.


Shropshire Girl said...

Hi there! No I would not want to go back into work when the sky outside is that blue - lovely!
Thanks for 'popping by' and the compliments! I look forward to seeing more of your part of the world via your blog.
Unless I am mistaken that is the Royal Crescent at Bath you have on your banner? We spent two days in Bath a couple of years ago and will def be going back. The Jane Austen museum, the roman baths, the tea rooms, ths shopping! Loved it!

Janeen said...

I want to be there! My lunch hour view is farm land! ha ha Yep, a government building in the middle of farm country... ha ha! Nice pictures sis!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That is soooo nice! I'm also in the SF Bay Area but I work in Milpitas...It's the arm pit of the bay area!!! I can't least I have a job!

Lavinia said...

Lovely lunchtime meanderings. YOu meet every single day? Wow. I have certain friends I meet on certain days, other days I run errands on my lunch, and other days I want solitude and have searched over the years and found 'secret places'. I've blogged about some of them. I would love to see the ocean on my lunch hour. You are very fortunate.

Ginger said...

Very beautiful scenery. I would be late getting back to work I think.

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