Sunday, October 12, 2008

English Heritage

My mother mentioned to me years ago that her two great aunts were from England. Needless to say I was thrilled with this tidbit of information, I just knew I had some English blood running through my veins, but then she went on to say that they grew up in an orphanage, very sad. When the oldest aunt turned of age she was essentially kicked out of the orphanage so she got a job and waited for her younger sister to turn of age. Then they took off on a grand adventure to America to start anew! Well upon hearing that part I was a little peaved because I have always loved England and I figured they should have stayed there, found the filthy rich Duke that should have taken them in and raised them (I am making this up) and then somewhere down the line I would have been born to a life of privelage. Instead I am American Middle Class, I was so robbed. So, I decided to rewrite history as it should have been for me, born to English Nobility:
This is the home I was born to:
Here I am Lady Melody enjoying dress up and having a tea party with my sister Lady Janeen, she's the blonde I am the brunette:

This is just one of the fabulous parties given by my father the Duke of Something. I so enjoy playing the pianoforte. We all enjoyed keeping with the victorian style dress of bygone days.

Here I am looking out upon the gardens, probably reflecting why I am "on the shelf". Surley my luck would change....

These are just a few of my closest friends, we called ourselves the "gossip circle". Again, it was more fun to dress in the big hoop dresses and do our hair up all vintage.
This is one of the elegant balls I attended as a wallflower. Oh but wait, there I am in the lower left corner in the blue dress. It looks like maybe my own Duke has arrived! Wait, it looks like he has gray hair. I might have to keep looking....

I found him! My betrothed and I.

I searched and searched to find the right wedding photo since I always bucked tradition, I let my hair down and bared my shoulders.

My young daughter, Lady Jacqueline and I.

Well, there you have it a glimpse in to my world as it could have been, sigh.......The jewels, riding in Hyde Park, the jewels, SHOPPING, the jewels and more shopping! These are the images I must keep tucked away in my thoughts of "what could have been". Someday, I will get to England and look up their linage with a fine tooth comb and hopefully trace it back to some Grand Duke and Duchess! But, in all likely hood my aunts were probably the decedents of an upstairs maid and a Valet......Maybe I should leave well enough alone. lol


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Melody,
Thank you for visiting my blog.
I was immediately drawn to your blog banner showing the Royal Crescent in Bath, which is my local town, just 7-8 miles from my home!

Love your made-up past! You must have wonderful dreams at night!


Rebecca said...

Hello Melody!

Thank you for visiting the Tea Society Blog! Please stop by anytime for a cuppa.

Loved your "made-up" past. That was cute...I find myself daydreaming about my ancestors and how I just know that somewhere in England there is at least a castle foundation stone that belongs to me..Tee..Hee...Actually, my ancestry is English, Irish, Welsh, and Scotch with a wee bit of French thrown in by way of the Celts in Brittany....

Right...Off for supper and the Sunday Evening Brit Coms on PBS...

Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

Hi Melody! er... I mean Lady Melody! :-o)

What a fun post! My family delved into our mysterious past - it would have been better to leave it mysterious! He he! Alas, there were no Dukes or castles...My husband's family were more promising with at least one famous knight and some nobility in olde England... He he! ;-o)

It's lovely to have met you Melody! Welcome to blogville! :-o)


Janeen said...

My dearest Lady Melody,

It is an age since I heard from you! I have received no reply to my last, but I suppose you are too happy with your Duke to remember poor me. I saw the news of your marriage announced in the papers and I am sure you are amazingly lucky, for you were a girl as portionless as myself, and we all know what is the wealth of the Grand Duke.

Sir John (who still pines for you amazingly, you know, and would be charmed to wait upon you at Francisco Cottage at any time) has told me all the particulars he heard in London!

Well, my dear, it may be a fine thing to be married into such amazing wealth, but alas I'm afraid I've lost my bloom!

I long to renew our friendship; you always were the sweetest girl, not another of your sort is to be seen in all the world, I can assure you!

Your most loving friend,
Lady Elizabeth Jane

Anonymous said...

Hi Melody,
Just read the lovely 'Tea Time' blog & I, like Niki, was surprised to see the views of Bath, my home town too. My son, who was born in Bath, lived just around the corner from the Royal Crescent. His flat was in a very similar house to those in the crescent & was actually used for the filming of Jane Eyre.
I'm sure we met at one of the stately Balls in one of our past lives... I was the young lady with the pink crinoline & the eye patch.
Bye for now Frances

Laura said...

Hi Melody,
I love your blog! It appears we have much in common and it will be wonderful getting to know you. Have a great week!

The Dutchess said...

Oooo how very wonderfull...and what a mysterious story about the two sisters,you could write a book about it..Thank for your kind visit to the dutchess.I will be visiting your lovely blog again ..Can I add you to my kindred spirit list.:)

Lavinia said...

Oh my! This is fantastic! I love love love the fantasy and beauty of this post. You are such an elegant lady!!

Anonymous said...

Lady Melody,

Sir George and myself, Sir Don, are inquiring how we could be left out of your English Heritage tale?

Arn't we noble enough to be mentioned?

I would like to be a Knight!
George....well...I think he got The Duke of Something!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Sir Don,

You are left out because the oldest male usually inherits everything so in my fantasy,with no pesky brothers,I am the oldest and take all! Sorry, no room to share the wealth....:(

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