Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here she is, the face of perfection!

Although it might look like she has red hair here, she really has light blond.  It is the most kissable face ever!  At 9 months she is developing such a personality.  She is still a pretty serious little thing, takes a lot to make her laugh.

She had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with me at work yesterday due to cancellation of babysitter.  I work with ALL MEN and she had them all trying to get her to smile but she only gave a couple out lol.  Everything was going smoothly until I noticed that her daddy forgot her formula, thought I was going to hyperventilate, two bottles of water and no formula, fortunately I found a couple of jars of solid food in there.  Nothing like talking to NASA on the phone with one hand and spoon feeding her chicken vegetable with the other hand, multi-talented I am.  She played very quietly in her high chair behind my desk.  I would alternate holding her and sitting her in the highchair.  I quickly found that you can't have a desk full of papers and be holding her at the same time cause she just took that left hand and did a full sweep and in the blink of an eye my papers went flying!  Now why would I think that things on my desk would be any interest to her??

In the end it was a great afternoon that I will always remember.  She was quiet, and funny and you would have never known she was there she was so good.  What was the bestest part you ask?  Well you didn't but I'll tell you anyway, I got to use the carpool lane on the way home!!!!!!!  Two or more people and she is considered a "people" hahaha


Michelle said...

Oh Melody what a DOLL FACE!!! She is just beautiful!! You sound so talented with all that multi-tasking. :) I always knew you were Wonder Woman. Lol!

Have a great weekend, Melody!



RoyalTLady said...


It's been such a long long time indeed... see how the little one has grown, ooooo so adorable. I love her snaps looking "so deep in her thoughts".

I like your new "blog-look", so warm, welcoming, serene, gentle and pleasing. BUT most of all I love looking at my name appearing on your Feedjit's Live Traffic.

Enjoy your granddaughter-sitting... I have over done mine... he is now 2 years and fours months. Oh how time flies.

see you around.

ChaChaneen said...

Ha Ha. Okay it's been YEARS since I've been to your office and that wall behind you still isn't finished!!!!! Ha ha

Of course A is just adorable!!!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Omg, what an absolute doll, Melody! I want to pinch those beautiful cheeks! I can't believe she's grown so. It seems like only yesterday, she was born! What a beautiful post. I came on the perfect day what with us women all having to juggle at least what seems like 100 things per day!

I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on The Scarlett High Heels.

I want to see it on the big screen, in color! Fantastic!

I'm truly flattered, Melody! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! :))

Valerie said...

Hey Melody!!! I've been meaning to hop over here so many times!! Seems like I just don't have time to hop anywhere anymore. lol She is absolutely precious!! And no I can not believe that our babies are 9 months old already!! Where did all the time go to? I am hoping to get back into regular blogging and blog visiting I have missed you so much!!!

the voice of melody said...

Oh my goodness, those eyes are just gorgeous! Audrina sure is very pretty. I'm glad you have been able to enjoy special memories with her. :)

Barbara said...

Oh! How cute. My Granddaughter at 13 months would have wrecked the office.

Don't they grow so quick!

khalidove said...
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