Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nicks room

Hello ladies, well my youngest son moved out on Tuesday......He is now with Alicia awaiting the birth of their daughter due August 8th but I swear it can be any day. She went to the doctor on Wed of last week and he said she was 75% thinned and baby was about 6.5 to 7 pounds already. She is so tiny I hope that baby doesn't gain any more weight!

Anyway, hubby and I went to Kmart to get some dog and cat food and I just HAPPENED to go past the housewares section and what did I see??? Bed-in-a bag! Imagine that.. What a nifty idea. It comes with sheets, 2 pillow cases, 2 pillow shams, comforter and a bed skirt. What a deal! We picked one out and then I also picked out a mattress protector and two inexpensive wooden utility carts on wheels that can be used also as night stands. I was getting so excited that I just wanted to buy everything but that is bad shopping. I don't know what got over me!

So anyway, we pull up to the house and nobody is there. I am thinking great.... he didn't move out (he had been dragging his feet for a week already) or my house is going to be a mess because you should have seen his room. He would have had to drag half the stuff out into the hall and family room to even see what he had. You couldn't even see the floor and the whole room hadn't been painted but maybe once in the 20 years he and his brother shared it. Really, I was dreading coming in the door. But when we came in I saw three garbage bags full of garbage lined up in the front room, most of the items he had had out there were gone also. We ventured down the hall and opened the door and what did we find?? NOTHING, I mean absolutely NOTHING! We were dumb struck. He had stripped the room bare and he even vacuumed the carpet! First thing out of my mouth was, HE TOOK THE FRICKING BED??? First thing going through my mind was, I JUST BOUGHT A BED IN A BAG AND HE TOOK THE FRICKING BED!!! Gone was the bed, dresser, computer stand and TV and lamp stand. Since Alicia has a fully furnished room for two I couldn't imagine where he was going to put all this stuff. Then I got pissed off because that was MY TV, I bought and just let him borrow. I frantically ran to the patio and low and behold what do I see???? The bed and frame is propped up against the deck and the dresser is out on the cement patio. Upon further inspection, I found the computer stand and TV in the closet. Whew! I couldn't believe it. I poured myself a glass of wine.

After one ok maybe two glasses of wine, I called him and told him I was impressed with the way he cleared out the room and he said he knew I wanted to paint and shampoo the carpet so he thought he would help me out. I am thinking what alien took over my son as the OLD son would have left the garbage etc.. for us to clean out. lol

He asked me what I was going to do with the room and I told him I was going to make it a spare bedroom. He asked why, no one is going to sleep in it anymore. I said, sure they will, Jackie comes down once in a while etc...PLUS, in the back of my mind I have to think of his relationship not working out and him possibly coming back for a spell so I am not going to do anything major in the redecorating dept. just yet. But I am not going to tell him that.

I am going to put up some of the baby things in the room too so that when they come to visit things will already be set.

I have already painted the room as of last night and this morning so next weekend I will be shampooing the carpet. When I get the room all fixed up I will show you some before and after pics.

On a side note, I went to visit them last night and to bring a few items he had left. He had just got home from work and she had a hamburger prepared for him on the table. I thought, wow, okay..... Then she showed me the room. The bedroom is all fixed up with the baby items, as she has a master suite bedroom big enough for a portion to be used as a baby area. She was so excited to show me the closet/drawer set that is Nicks now. All the clothes were folded and even his underwear was folded, lololol I just looked at her with that mom look and she said, I am working on him to keep his clothes folded. I stifled a laugh because if I couldn't do it how the hell is she going to do it. lolol His shoes are in their own little cubby holes, the whole thing just cracked me up. Well, we can only hope for the best and pray.

Follow up blog will come with pictures of the transformed room!


Ginger said... sound so much like me. When my twin boys moved out to share a house together, I knew they would be back. They took furniture but didn't clean the room. I quickly decorated real foo foo hoping it would keep them gone. (I had two rooms to do). Nope, when there year lease was up, here they came back, tail between their legs wanting their rooms back. (guess what, they got them back).
I hope everything works out and you will get to keep your guest room.

Domestic Witch said...

haha what a stinker! The baby shower photos are adorable BTW! You've got a new stalker here!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like you have empty nest syndrome yet. LOL! That was very funny...and I'd be floored too if my boys did such a great job cleaning up after themselves. ;)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Your son was so sweet to clean the room for you! See, you've trained him well. [wink] When can we see photos of the room?! We are waiting with baited breathe ... grandma. [giggle] :) Hugs!

ChaChaneen said...

If ya need help with the room, just let me know. Well actually, if you need help with the bottle of wine, call me about that first. ha ha

Lavinia said...

What an amusing post. So much is happening in your life right now, wow, all these changes exciting....

I am anticipating the before and after pics, I'm sure you'll make the room look fabulous, for all its multi-purposes.

Anonymous said...

From you sister

This post reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago I call it "The body Snatchers"

The Body Snatchers

Unaware they come in the night
And steal your child away
Cloning the one you love
Scarcely noticed…..until that day

One day when kisses end
No longer were hugs allowed
The sweetness and that sunshine smile
Are no where to be found

You miss the closeness
Cuddling the memory in your mind
Asking “where is the one I love”?
Every day, looking for a sign

Blaming yourself, then “just growing up”
Knowing nothing of the truth
For unheard of is the myth of the Body Snatchers……
Entry given soley to the fairy and only for the tooth

One day they will return them
Many years will have passed
You’ll see that sunshine smile once again
When they laugh out loud, you’ll know it’s them


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