Friday, July 3, 2009

Bridal Shower Part I

Sunday the 28th was Jackie's first Bridal Shower. Put on by my long time friend Jenifer, my sister Janeen and myself. Please take a look at the party favors Janeen made aren't they just fabulous? Even has a picture of the wedding dress! I am sure she is for hire for the right price. All calls through me, I am her manager.....

Here we have a Tea Cup sugar cookie with vanilla frosting and green sprinkles.

It's hard to see here but this is a little paper bag with a wedding dress on the front and there is even a diamond in the ring! Inside are two breakfast tea bags. Hopefully Part II has a nice crisper picture of this favor.

My friend Jenifer had this fantastic idea of making mini 2-tierd wedding cakes instead of the traditional sheet cake. We had a blast making them. With the music blasting and Janeen running around decorating the house we should go into the catering business. lol. Sparky, don't know if you can see it very well my apron but it is a biker chick apron.....lolol See the girls riding the bikes. I'll have to take a picture just of that. I really only decorated like 3 cakes Janeen and Jenifer did the rest.

Can you see these cakes? Don't they look delicious?

Here is Janeen, always the photographer, taking a funny picture of us all. Jenifer, me and Janeen....

Sunday, the day of started out with family photos.... The bride to be and her proud parents... I bought her this bridal kit with a sash and crown with pink rinestones. She was so sweet she wore the crown even though she hates pink. lol The crown even has a veil in the back.

Jackie and her future Mother-in-Law, Jan. Fantastic lady. She picked good :)

Here we have a bridesmaid, Shelly a long time friend from Junior High School.

Isabella, the Junior Bridesmaid.....with her diamond tiara.

Janeen and I having a "camera" moment. lol See all the decorations in the background, courtesy of Janeen.....

Aunts and cousins. My mom is on the far right and her sister Nancy is second from left between her daughters Jenny and Kristen. Okay, Isabella and her mom have the same facial pose and expression!

Ever notice when there are multiple camera people are looking at different cameras? ha

Jackie between her Grandma Darlin and Great Aunt Nancy (grandma's older sister)

Here we are working on a word scramble, very intense!

Bride-to-be smiling because she finished first! AND got them all right! Yep! that's my girl!

Waiting for all to gather to open the gifts...

As I sit on this couch I remembered why it was a bad idea to buy a "sleeper" couch. After many years you SINK. haha First gift an "I DO" picture frame

A BLENDER!!! every young couple should have a few of those.....for parties of course......

Fine China, she picked out white with a plain silver rim. Very elegant.

Silver hearts and diamonds picture frame. Very beautiful.

Another neat frame of wood, I like this one.

Two lovely crystal candle sticks

Very beautiful deep burgundy satin table cloth and napkins, can you just picture the crystal candle sticks on this with lit candles and the china???? Romantic dinner for two. Maybe I should offer to cook.

A CROCK POT, just look at her face, she is saying, "Ah ya". I am laughing because now I can get mine back!

Here is a Panini bread press. She is in love......
One of the pots and pans she was hoping for...
Gifts of money and gift cards......ALWAYS accepted where ever you are......
The beginning of her ribbon bouquet .....
Please stay tuned for more great pics from Auntie Janeen in Part II


Laura said...

Hi Melody,
Thank you for sharing the shower photos! Best wishes for a beautiful future for your daughter and her soon to be husband!

Yes, I have tried the banana bread recipe and since my heart attack I've been using the applesauce to replace oil in alot of my baking recipes. To replace butter I use the I can't believe it's not butter cubes in alot of recipes and it's great as well.

Happy 4th!

RoyalTLady said...


Am I amazed at those beautiful pictures of YOU and your gorgeous daughter. Really enjoy the scroll down the page to read and see pictures.
The lady in lilac steals the show... most times!

Best Wishes to the Bride To Be...

Looking forward for more!

Ginger said...

I love showers, they are so much fun. Bride to be received some great gifts.
The party favors are sure cute. What a great idea to have a picture of the dress. The little cakes are a good idea too. How fun decorating them. When is the wedding? I bet you are all getting excited. Your daughter will look so pretty in her wedding dress.

Anonymous said...

What fun you guys had! Your daughter is really beautiful (must take after her mom!)! The party favors are so cute and clever and I love the little cakes.

I can't wait to see the wedding photos!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

OMGoodness, I can see the Biker Chicks on the apron!! That's so CUTE!! Love the Tiara. Can I borrow that ... just a minute ... honest ... HA HA HA

Those are such wonderful photos. Looks like y'all had a great time. Hope I don't gain any weight from looking at all those yummy sugary food stuffs. [drool]

Thanks for sharing the fun. Happy 4th pal! Varroooom!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Wow, Melody! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful day! Everything looks so delicious and thoughtful! You should go into the catering business with Janeen! Hope you're all having a wonderful 4th!

p.s. Melody, I just came from Janeen's blog, and I can't seem to comment. So, if you see her perhaps you can mention and please tell her that her new look is great!

Thanks again, Melody! :))

ChaChaneen said...

Hi Sis,
I'm up and running again and so are my comments. Thanks Petra, didn't know that was a problem until you said it. Whew, I'm tired... good night Zzzzzzz.

Michelle said...

Hey Melody!

Glad your daughter had such a nice bridal shower! Those favors are adorable!! And you look like a professional making those baby cakes. Hey! Why are you coming to my place complaining about me making sweets when you are doing the same? LOLOL!! I'm kidding. I'll try to hold off on the sweets awhile just so you can come by. Hehe! Your daughter looks so much like you. :) Very beautiful!

Care said...

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Valerie said...

Everything looks so great Melody and the cakes were just too cute. I love showers of any kind! lol Your daugther looks so happy. Such a great time in her life!

Lady Katherine said...

You all had so much fun it shows! I love one of those breads too!The cakes are adorable! Now if you have any of the cookies left I want one! Great Shower! Love seeing all the Love and Happiness!

Jorgelina said...

Wonderful photos.
What fun you guys had!
Your daughter is beautiful .

Lavinia said...

Ahhh, so sweet, and looks like a good and yummy time was had by all. Love any glimpse of that gorgeous gorgeous wedding dress...

tiger said...


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