Sunday, September 20, 2009

The baby girls...and other news

A while back I told you about my husband bringing home a wiener dog named Harley. Well, Harley is still here and she has taken a fancy to Audrina. We found out that this dog is a cross between a Chihauhau and a wiener dog. The REAL official name of the breed is.......drum roll please.......Chaweinie! Yes, you heard me right.

Well when Audrina is in her favorite napping position, Harley decides it's time to nap too!

I have been doing alot of babysitting so to speak and I just love it. As a matter of fact Audrina is in my arms right now as I type this post! I have had a lot of relearning to do. Such as how to prepare formula, change a diaper, OMGosh the cost of these two items can send young parents into bankruptcy no doubt. Yesterday at Target I bought one can of 28oz powder formula and one box of 192 size 1 diapers to keep at my house and with out the $5 coupon I had it would have cost $55. Outrageous I tell you. Back then we used to tell our kids it was very expensive to raise kids, well NOW IT IS NO JOKE!
OH, OH, OH, BIG NEWS, Audrina spend the night last night and I fed her at 9pm and she slept until 7am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that is right, she slept through the night and I got it first!!!! (I also got the poopiest diaper ever as a reward) hahahahaha. She is only about a month and a half too.
THE WEDDING is officially 4 weeks away and we have a few things to do: Buy the candy for the favors, stuff the favors, buy the toasting champagne and when we are all done....drink a glass of wine. We will do that next weekend. This weekend Jackie and the girls are in San Francisco doing the Bachelorette thing. I am getting excited. Yesterday, Jackie went to get her hair and makeup done for a trial before the wedding and she hated it. What a shame..Hope fully she can find someone who will be able to give her the look she wants although she does a pretty good job herself I might add. She is great with her own hair and makeup but I understand.
Well, I am off to finish my coffee before the rest of the world wakes up. Have a beautiful Sunday. :)


The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Ah...That is the cutest picture!!! So glad you kept the Chaweinie (heheeeheehee). Harley and Audrina will be great friends.

Hope the finishing touches on the wedding go smoothly! You're one busy girl!!


ChaChaneen said...

Those are the cutest pictures! Oh my stars, they are adorable together, perfect for the baby album. She does have a baby book/album right?

Ginger said...

Ahh, I love those pics. Harley has taken a liking to the baby. Wow, did you luck out to have Audrina sleep that long for you. That is amazing.
I know you must be getting so excited for the wedding.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What precious pictures! What fun to plan a wedding. Have you gotten your dress yet?

GrandmaK said...

OH! How wonderful!!! These are the most delightfully tender pictures. God Bless you all! Enjoy the wedding...sounds as if you are all prepared! Cathy

Semper Eadem said...

It would be really nice if you could put our blog on your blogroll:

Barbara said...

how quickly these dear little ones grow.
Not only does everything seem so expensive but there is a product for everything these days.
I remember just how much we improvised and 'made do'

the voice of melody said...

Melody, it looks like I missed quite a bit of news over the summer! Congratulations on the birth of your sweet granddaughter, she is such a cutie pie. :) And of course, your doggie is cute too. I'm looking forward to reading about your daughter's wedding, I'm sure it will be wonderful.


Laura said...

I love your photos! How sweet!! Thank you for posting them.

Have a wonderful week,

The Dutchess said...

Love the pictures ,and the name of the doggie made me laugh outloud..sooo funny..Your family is wonderful..happy days dear..

Connie said...

Congratulations! That dog is too cute napping with the baby! Glad she slept through the night with grandma....she made sure you'd want her to come back again soon!! :) Enjoy being a's the best!!


Charm and Grace said...

Wow, I've had a lot of catching up to do. First and foremost a hearty congratulations on that beauty of a grandaughter! You must be so proud, and how neat that you are getting to be with her a lot. The pictures of her with the dog just cracked me up... priceless! You certainly do have your hands full with brand new granddaughter and a wedding coming up. And you are handling it all with grace (at least from outward appearances)!


Michelle said...

Melody! Miss you! So glad everything is going well with everyone and sweet, sweet Audrina. LOVE how Harley sleeps with her. Good luck on the wedding!!


Jorgelina said...

That is the cutest picture!!!
Adorable,that dog is too cute napping with the baby!

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That’s a very cute breed name Chaweinie! I like it.

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You three! Including the dog looks so sweet! And the baby is so cute.

Anonymous said...
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