Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

Last weekend my hubby and I took 3 days and went up to Clearlake for a relaxing time of motorcycle riding, concerts and gambling. I don't which one I like more ha ha ha. We started out Saturday riding up to Konocti Harbor to check out the gift shop which I LOVE. While there we were comped tickets to the REO Speedwagon, Sticks and 38 Special concert later that night! What a surprise that was. Anyone in high school in the 80's remembers these guys.

So later that night we went back for the concert only to have it CANCELLED less than one minute into 38 Special (the first act) because the stage lights fell from the hoists! You never saw people clear a stage so fast in your life! The picture is kinda blurry but the lights should have been up by the blue tarp. SCAAAAARRRRY

But while we were hanging around waiting for the crazy drunks to exit the location and make the mountain roads safe for us motorcyclists, I took some pics.

This photo is of one of the tour buses that housed some of their equipment. Plus off to the left you can see two more buses kinda hidden

Here you can see four tour buses, check out all those air conditioner on top. You can see the semi trailer that was packed just with souvenirs.

Here is a close up of them. They all had Tennessee plates on them. Somehow I don't picture 80's rock bands from Tennessee lol.

Look at the beautiful lake.

Here is my hubby

Here is ME
Before we went to the concert, we went up Cobb Mountain which is a beautiful ride and stopped at our favorite watering hole. lol Come to think of it I don't even know what it is called. So we'll just call it the Cobb Watering Hole....

These are our friends Bruce and Cindy that we ride around with. They are a hoot!

Hubby posing for more pictures....

This is where we sit each morning and drink our coffee. There are two big beautiful trees and the breeze is just enough, it's like camping it's so relaxing.

OK, notice the white top I am wearing here?? Well there I was, sitting on the chair reading a magazine while my friend is loading her bike. My hubby is sitting next to me as we are already to go just waiting for my friends hubby to lock up the house. All the sudden I look up and notice my hubby looking at my friend and then looking at me. I am like, "What?" "You got something else you can wear?" he says, (Whaaat?!) "What do you mean, what's wrong with what I have on!!!!" My friend pipes up and says, "Mel, you'd wear that shirt to the store not on a bike! This is bike country" I was wearing a light weight pink T-shirt just so you know! I look at my hubby and he says, "Well, you got to look the part". lol So I get up and toss my magazine on the chair and march in the house letting the screen door slam and yelling, "Don't lock up yet I have to CHANGE." He laughs at me an asks why and I tell him that I am not showing enough boob! He cracks up. So I come out in my white spaghetti strapped shirt with the built in bra and hubby says, Hmmmm, so I turn around and march back in the house and the guy is laughing at me harder as I give him a dirty look. I whip out my black WONDER BRA put the white shirt back on and Viola! Boobs! I walked outside and went right up to hubby and put his head right THERE. "Is THAT enough boob for you!!!" lol I thought he would die of mortification and my friend about died as mis prim and proper Melody did this. They will talk about that day forever, how Melody morphed into BIKER CHICK (without the tattoos)

Can you believe the price of gas!!
More beautiful country roads.

Bruce and my hubby

Here are a few homes for sale on the water......$$$$$

Here is the right side of the road...

Here is the left. Amazing huh??
This is Lakeport, I love the store fronts, they have that old time look.

I think this is the courthouse but not sure.

This was such a nice break in our busy life that I had to share it you all of you. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend and said hi to a Veteran somewhere.


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I am still laughing at the morph job and can hardly catch my breath!!! You are so funny! Loved it!

Y'all look really great next to your bikes. It's such fun to ride, isn't it!? The smells, the views, the neat places to stay. Plus, you get to meet and be friends with such nice folks.

I'm so glad y'all have been having fun. We've missed you in bloggy land pal.
Sparky The Motorcyclist :o) xx

Janeen said...

That is a nice drive up there, very pretty! Glad you explained the bra thing because when I first saw the picture I said to myself... why is she wearing a black bra and a white t-shirt, that is so unlike her?! ha ha

Silver said...

The pictures of the lake are beautiful. Glad you all had a wonderful break.

from One Day at a Time

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Melody! You are a tea lover as well! Tea, cottages, crowns, art, music...I love it all. I am so glad that you enjoyed my blog; you are welcome anytime! See you again soon, Anita

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I enjoyed the trip with you ;Ms.Biker Boobs !! LOL .

the voice of melody said...

Melody, that was such a pretty view of the lake and the country roads. Too bad the concert was cancelled but it sounds like you had a terrific time anyway. Sometimes a weekend getaway can do wonders when life is so busy all the time. {hugs}

Ginger said...

Melody, I loved seeing all the pictures from your weekend. After seeing your tea parties, hard to picture you on a Harley. lol. Thats a shame that the concert got cancelled. Nice motorhomes they have!!! I was laughing at your description of your wardrobe...what no leather?
Gas is higher there than here.

Laura said...

Those are wonderful photos! It looks like a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing!
Have a wonderful day Melody!

Michelle said...

What an awesome vacation!! You are too funny. Pink t-shirt...typical...something I would have worn too. LOL! All the pics are great and you are too cute! The Wonderbra was a great touch! :)

Kalianne@theBowerbird'sNest said...

Hi Melody,
What a great looking bike! Looks like you had a really special weekend. Isn't it great to get away! Lovely pics, thanks for sharing.

Barbara said...

Oh! dear that collapse could have been nasty. So you get drunks there too!

What heaven, empty roads.

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