Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Poor Cat

This is our cat, Tigger, she is about 13 years old. Apparently, she went suddenly blind a couple of days before Christmas. I couldn't figure out why she was not jumping up on the ledge to eat and why she was suddenly just prowling the house. It was driving me crazy watching her walk every solid inch of this place for hours and hours. Then on Christmas Eve she ran smack into the bathtub and hubby said, "she's blind". We did all the tests, and she was not responding. So, on Christmas Eve at 7am, when I am to put a 25 pound turkey in the oven to feed people by 5pm, I was sitting in a Vet hospital. Hubby had to work and so four hours later I find she either has a brain tumor or some kind of disease that you can get after having a cold, (which she had, a cold) that can leave you blind, with out a cure. Well, not wanting to subject her to brain surgery, nor did I have any extra money after the $300 I already just spent to find out if she has the incurable disease. Since all the initial blood tests came back normal, I just brought her home.

She is an indoor/outdoor cat once she found out how to use the doggie door a few years ago. Because I was afraid to put her outside she has been cooped up indoors but that was bad because she wouldn't use the litter box and ya, enough said. I started out walking her at night and on weekends with a cat harness and leash, then last weekend I started putting her in the back yard during the morning and she is doing great. She loves the sun!

She has lost ALOT of weight and she is very bony. She refuses to eat her hard food or drink water so I have been buying canned food with gravy and adding water to it. I mash up the food like grits and she eats it right up. She still won't drink plain water but I make sure she gets it in her food. She pees alot so I know it is working.
The bell around her neck is so that we can find her. lol

She almost lost her balance here, I think I scared her with the camera.

Here we are, just the girls. lol Had a hard time getting her to sit still for this picture. She just wants to be free to roam in sun.

My hubby found this baby fold-n-go on Craig's list and so now she has a place to sleep when she is in the house. We took the padded bottom and put it in between two big garbage bags to protect it and keep it clean. Then we put a fluffy soft fleece blanket she likes over it and she is now "semi" happy. She used to sleep on the bed with us but then she started falling off the bed so we had to protect her from herself and the carpets!!! Stanley Steamer here we come, lol
She didn't like it at first and tried to push herself out but now she is resolved to it. I pick her up each morning at 5am and bring her upstairs to walk around our room while we get ready for work. Then put her back around 6am. My son then takes her outside around 10am when it gets warm and feeds her and she roams the yard or enclosed deck until we get home from work.

The best part, she is back to purring and meowing again!!!. This week actually. I missed that so much. Oh! and I tried to take a picture of her beautiful green eyes, and she blinked, both times. So she can see something if not shadows maybe.


Michelle said...

Ohhhh.....this made me cry a little I have to admit, Melody. Poor have her eyesight taken away and have her whole life change BUT she has such love with you guys and that's all that matters. That is the strangest thing I've ever heard of! I am volunteering every week at a small cat adoption team right up the street from me and there is a little kitty that stays in a pen much like Tiggers because she is paralyzed from the waist down. She was hit by a car and left for two days until someone found her and brought her to PAWS (the cat adoption team I volunteer at). She is purring and very happy in her pen. I give her the most attention. She is SUCH a love. I will try to take pictures of her this weekend. Despite their least we can give them all the love they need. I'm still going to pray Tigger gets her eyesight back. ;) I will write it on my prayer board (a little chalkboard specifically for my prayers). :) Hugs to you all and Tigger.


GrandmaK said...

She reminds me of our Sam. He however will use the litter box. He's not crazy about the cold. Last week he rarely left the house. Now he's back to his old indoor/outdoor routine. I missed your birthday...It sounded like such great fun! Good for you! Cathy

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Oh my goodness ... my heart is breaking and I have tears in my eyes. Poor little angel kitty. Maybe her sight will return? We'll pray for that OK? God loves and cares for the animals too. I know how much we love our pets because I love my little doggies that way too. They're my buddies.
Keep us posted, 'k? And we'll pray for the best. You are such a sweet "Mommy". ♥ ∞

Ginger said...

Ahhh Poor Tigger, old age sucks. But she will probably get used to not seeing, and get around familiar places just fine.

jax said...

:( I'm sad for her. I miss her too, even though she was a very independent cat, she was always my favorite. I'm glad that her mood is improving! Maybe she'll start drinking water on her own again! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I don't know if my comment won't post or isn't showing up...please delete the extras if they end up showing more than once. :}

Your kitty is so lucky she has the most loving mom in the world! Tigger is a beauty! I hope she continues to adjust and will be with you for a few more years.

Laura said...

Poor kitty but I agree, she has the BEST mom!! It's wonderful how you are caring for her.

Meadowsweet Days said...

Oh I feel so bad! Animals are funny though, they seem to adjust..... goes to show you how love conquers all!


Anonymous said...

There is a place in heaven for you. I have been there with ageing cats, and have loved them until the very end, trying to make them as happy and comfortable as I possible could. I still miss them. Cats are tough and will surprise you with their spunk. Your cat knows he is very much loved and will give you his love until the very end. As a vet told me one time, THEY will tell YOU when it is time to go. Either way, it's hard to say farewell to a much loved member of the family. In my case, they were my children. I think yours has a while longer to go. Thirteen years is not really that old. Mine lived to be 18 and one almost 19 years old. Yes, they were pampered.

Steph said...

What a friend you've been to each other!

Janeen said...

Great pictures! She is looking good and yes, skinny! I love her new bed, too cute!

Pam said...

Kindness and love are the most beautiful things of all!!

The Dutchess said...

How wonderful...she is great,you are great!!:)
Hugs to you and Tigger

Jorgelina said...

So cute!!
Adorable Tigger.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh this is so heartbreaking! But what a lucky little kitty to have your family as hers. You take such good care of her.

Rosie said...

I was going to say 'poor tigger' but in actual fact, although she is struggling to cope with her new condition she is so lucky to have so much love and care and help to make her feel secure and confident again. We are coping with an elderly cat too so I know what problems you have - our Tom has lost his hearing rather than his sight so he goes out rarely as he is not so confident in the garden now.

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